Dr. Chris and Cindy Aubrey OMR Property

The Aubrey Family

Chris and Cindy Aubrey, both Surgical Assistants, contribute their expertise to multiple private hospitals in bustling Brisbane. Originating from the tranquil landscapes of far north Queensland, the Aubreys relocated to Brisbane in pursuit of their careers, accompanied by their young family comprising two children aged 4 and 6. Before engaging with Linna Reakes, they had already established a diverse investment portfolio, boasting four properties spread across Queensland, Western Australia, and New South Wales, alongside a Victorian property held within their Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). Having previously collaborated with another service to secure two additional properties, the Aubreys sought Linna Reakes’ expertise to further expand and optimize their investment ventures.

Step In The Right Direction

Upon deciding to explore additional support for their property investment endeavors, Chris and Cindy engaged in a discussion with Linna Reakes, a Brisbane-based strategist who attentively listened to their goals and aspirations. Going above and beyond, Linna extended an invitation for them to participate in educational events and property investment seminars, enriching their knowledge and empowering informed decisions. Embracing OMR Property’s key principles, Linna adopted a hands-on approach tailored to the needs of the Aubrey family, ensuring the provision of top-notch services that yield tangible results while leveraging available resources. This commitment underscores OMR Property’s dedication to building trust and delivering exceptional service to its client.

Getting You To Your Goal

When Chris and Cindy initially met with Linna Reakes, they were already clear about their preferences and objectives regarding property investment. With their goals firmly in place, Linna customized her search to align with their vision and facilitated the realization of their ambitions. After a thorough search, a property bundle in South East Queensland matching their criteria was secured. Additionally, they acquired two separate units in Brisbane, offering promising rental income and potential capital appreciation. Linna’s ability to grasp her clients’ requirements and deliver accordingly exemplified her commitment to exceeding expectations.

Our streamlined consultation process enables investors to swiftly establish a diversified property portfolio tailored to their unique circumstances. Focusing on enhancing rental yield not only boosts passive income but also fortifies the property’s potential for future capital growth.

Following Through

Chris and Cindy recognize that while property performance is crucial, ongoing service and support are equally vital. At Linna’s, clients receive unparalleled ongoing assistance to address all their property investment requirements. Successful investors understand the importance of having a dedicated team of professionals to streamline processes, mitigate risks, and ensure long-term success.

“However, effective communication and follow-up are equally essential. Linna excels in follow-up, and our experience with property management has been seamless without any issues. We are highly satisfied with the level of care we receive as clients and in the management of our portfolio. Now that we’ve established a substantial portfolio, we are focused on managing it effectively over the long term.”

OMR Property Principles

At OMR Property, it’s our mission to help our customers achieve long-term financial well-being through smart property investment with delicate and tailored client care.

Therefore, we want to educate our investors on how to create wealth and see the possibility of property investment from our own experience. Guide our clients to understand why we should invest, how to invest, and how to avoid mistakes, and ultimately contribute to establishing passive income over the long term.

Our clients receive ongoing support from an experienced, local property strategist to assist with all their property investment needs. Successful investors understand they need a supportive team of professionals around them to save time, reduce the risk of failure and maximize long-term success. We assist investors throughout their investment journey, offering sound strategies, cutting-edge tools, the latest property market research, and ongoing professional support.

OMR Property provides high-quality service around residential properties in Australia, either you are a first-time investor, experienced investor or owner occupier, we all provide solutions tailored to your needs.

OMR Property is the one-stop real estate company for creating your investment journey, financial goals, and reliable service.

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