Investor's Stories

The best testament to success is real-life experience. See how we’ve helped newcomer and experienced investors alike achieve their property and financial goals. Everyone is different but our job is to help find the best pathway for you. Read on for some investor stories to inspire! 

Joy Tang

Young Business Owner, Investor

Joy, a youthful entrepreneur, has been managing her own beauty enterprise from a tender age. Despite harboring a longstanding aspiration for investment, her time constraints prevented her from embarking on this venture until her encounter with OMR Property.

Ali OMR Property


Engineer & Newcomer Investor

Ali, a young engineer, found himself lacking investment experience and clear long-term financial objectives. Despite earning a substantial income of 92k per year, he was burdened with a significant debt of 64k. His lifestyle reflected his earnings, with indulgences in luxurious possessions such as a name-brand expensive car and residing in a lavish one-bedroom apartment.

Joshua & Wan Jung

Young Couple & First Home Buyer

Joshua and Wan Jung, originally from overseas, crossed paths in Australia and soon found themselves contemplating their first home purchase with marriage on the horizon. Initially challenged by a lack of deposit, OMR Property’s strategic guidance transformed their situation. Thanks to their meticulous planning, Joshua and Wan Jung achieved their dream of homeownership, settling into their new abode by June 2021. OMR Property’s expertise made all the difference in turning their aspirations into reality.

Dr. Chris and Cindy Aubrey OMR Property

Dr. Chris and Cindy Aubrey

Medical Specialist & Experienced Investor

Meet Chris and Cindy Aubrey, dedicated Surgical Assistants who diligently serve across several private hospitals in Brisbane. Hailing originally from the scenic far north Queensland, the Aubreys made the bold move to Brisbane in pursuit of their professional aspirations.

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